This year I received a number of emails requesting clearings so people are able to walk into the next decade without any unnecessary energetic baggage in their energy fields. Whilst rummaging around, any attachments or spirits are dealt with swiftly and things are left in alignment. 

Blockage free for 2020.

This is obviously not the first time I have completed this process for another person, in fact, I have done it hundreds of times when specifically getting rid of attachments or spirits that are trying to share a meat suit. Generally it goes the same way with me ‘seeing’ a person and then noticing all of the things that are out of place, just another day at the office right!?

Saturday was different.

I began in my usual fashion, got rid of a couple of small attachments and an almost formed Tulpa when all of a sudden I was transported to a chamber in a pyramid and I was speechless at what was before me.

I had been to this place before but it almost feels abandoned when I go, and I am always alone.

I was not alone now. 

What stood before me was a working space of healing and ritual with the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses moving around picking up jars and potions, burning incense and working with resin. I have never witnessed a scene like it. 

There were torches lining the walls, bowls filled with fire at either ends of the room, all of the furniture was either made from wood or gold, there were intricate carvings in the wall behind the Gods and the room was clearly the epic centre of magick.

The energy was glorious.

When I looked closer at the huge gold table at the centre I saw my Client there;  Anubis was going to work puling organs out, polishing, and putting then back, Set was behind looking very busy and intense, and Sekhmet to the right.

It was magnificent.

All of this was on a raised platform at the back of the chamber, in the foreground there were Priests and Priestesses doing things with flowers, cutting branches and other preparatory acts.

It was like a working machine.

Anubis motioned for me to come to the front so I could see what he was doing and there he, and the others, not only aided my Client with their clearing but also gave words of wisdom for the coming year.

When Anubis was finished, I was sad. Clearly this Client had a connection to Egypt and that was why we were here. I thanked them for everything, my Client stood up off the golden table and I guided them to the door looking fresh and sparkly new.

I closed the session and wrote out the report, message from the Gods included.

A few hours later I began another clearing, went straight into clearing some stagnant energy and whoosh I was back in the Golden Chamber.

I was, and still am, fucking elated.

So that’s it. I am officially now on the ‘inside’ and will be ensuring I spend some quality time in the Chamber. 

Let’s see if I can pick up anything new.

It’s also going to be very interesting learning about Set’s personality, the God of Chaos…