Silver Wolf

Consultant, Exorcist & Ambassador of the Spirits

Author of ‘The Wandering Quimbandeira’


 Silver has spent a long time doing what she does and talking to many different people about it. One thing that still surprises her is how abnormal the spiritual/supernatural world is seen as. Why we are so detached from it? Why are people are still being judged as ‘crazy’, when they simply have abilities? Imagine how isolating that can be.

Silver is working to change this, one blog, video, and book at a time.

She is passionate about practical solutions to supernatural problems, that our first instinct shouldn’t be irrational fear when we come across something paranormal, more a healthy respect. 

The Gods and Godesses are everywhere, the Fae are everywhere, the dead are everywhere. Denying this doesn’t change it, it simply makes you an easy target.

We need to strike a balance.

With the Light and the Dark. 

About Silver

Spiritual Consultant, Exorcist & Ambassador of the Spirits

Silver has seen the dead since she was child and was very quickly introduced to the darker side of the Unseen once her teenage years hit. This led to people seeking Silver out for her experience and effectiveness at removing spirits, ‘demons’ and other entities from peoples lives.

Silver spent 2018 and 2019 travelling the globe with her Allies helping the dead cross over, evicting dark entities and healing the land, trying to make a difference. This also allowed for Silver to come across many different paranormal creatures not native to her birth land of England.

All the while different deities and Spirits from diverse pantheons stepped in wanting an audience, demanding to be heard. Some stayed and some moved on after promises were made and introductions with others were complete.

One place Silver calls home is the Brazilian Tradition of Quimbanda whose Spirits she honours with a regular column called ‘The Wandering Quimbandeira’ at 

Silver is a nomad, a seeker and a FireWalk Instructor who can often be found walking across the coals with a huge smile on her face, talking to her spirits.

Silver’s Blog

In the Lap of the Gods

‘In the Lap of the Gods’ is the true story of Silver, an English girl, and her Allies, the Gods. It begins at the point of Silver’s spiritual breakthrough where denial was no longer an option, and follows her journey through varying worlds and the lessons they brought with them.

The Myths are real.


Moving on the Dead in the U.S.

The true accounts of Silver who left the English shores and headed for America with the single purpose of releasing trapped souls and ridding this world of malevolent entities.

Travelling alone in her mini-van she encountered the good, the bad and the, most definitely, ugly spirits from across the fifty states of America.

From caves to homes, forests to bars, the dead are indeed everywhere.