Silver Wolf

Exorcist, Consultant & Ambassador of the Gods

It might feel a little strange having to actually search the internet for an exorcist but here we are.  There are so many people who are dealing with a haunted home/workplace or are being haunted personally it is ludicrous.  Ghosts, spirits, entities and demons are very good at beginning in a very subtle manner, but it will escalate to a point where you no longer feel safe.

As an international exorcist Silver is nondenominational so it doesn’t matter which faith you belong to Silver can attend and exorcise the spirits. Also, due to being stand alone, Silver doesn’t have to wait for someone higher up in a hierarchy to decide it is OK for her to attend.

Silver does not discriminate, because neither do hauntings.

Location Haunting

Are there signs of activity in your home? Feelings of being watched, shadows out of the corner of your eye and feeling tired all the time? Take action before it gets worse than it already is…

Personal Haunting

Sometimes it is not the building that is haunted but the individual. An attachment can be picked up anywhere, often at times of stress or vulnerability. Having an attachment can be debilitating.

Uncomfortable in your own home?

Our homes are supposed to be our sanctuary’s away from the rest of the world but when yours has been invaded by a dark, often invisible force, then nowhere feels safe.

Silver has a wealth of experience ridding people and homes of unwanted entities all over the globe. Whether it is a Remote Service or for Silver to attend in person please click on the button below and organise a consultation.

Silver also offers an Advice Service – see here

Not sure how to develop your spiritual gifts safely?  Wonder what it looks like to cross a Spirit over to the light?

On Silver Wolf: Secrets of an Exorcist there is a library of ‘How to…’ videos, information on different types of spirits and live streams of moving spirits on from haunted locations.

Silver also offers mentorship (places are very limited) and access to a channeled session with one of her Allies; something Silver usually keeps to herself. 

How Silver can help…

Medium & Psychopomp

Communicating with the Dead and moving them on from a location or a person.

 Exorcist & Expert

Silver is an expert at differentiating malevolent entities and exorcising them with minimal trauma.

Teacher & Mentor

Workshops, Mentorships, Webinars, Weekly Circles and Personal Sessions.


Silver has spoken on various topics inc’ the paranormal, myths & the occult.

“Silver is the real deal. When you encounter something/someone that is out of your element, have no fear. Silver is here. She has a unique ability to speak to, counsel and direct the departed; the tortured souls, the bored ghosties, the scary shadows, even your Aunt Irma that wants you to avoid buying that condo!
Whatever you need, Silver will get the job done. She’s above and beyond any psychic medium that has ever been on television.”

Patty K.

“My family and I were living in fear and had been for some time. After calling Paranormal Investigators (who ran away) to help the activity just got a whole lot worse. After talking to Silver we arranged for her to visit for a couple of days and as soon as she walked through my front door I knew she was the right person for the job. What we had was something other professionals couldn’t even deal with, Silver just walked in and got straight to it. We haven’t heard a peep since and the house feels completely different.”

Jay B.

About Silver

Exorcist & Ambassador of the Gods

Silver has seen the dead since she was child and was very quickly introduced to the darker side of the Unseen once her teenage years hit. This led to people seeking Silver out for her experience and effectiveness at removing spirits, demons and other entities from peoples lives.

Silver spent 2018 travelling the globe helping the dead cross over, evicting dark entities and healing the land, trying to make a difference. This also allowed for Silver to come across many different paranormal creatures not native to her birth land of England.

Silver is practical, down to earth and there isn’t much that she hasn’t seen.

Silver’s Blog

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In the Lap of the Gods 

‘In the Lap of the Gods’ is the true story of Silver, an English girl, and her Allies, the Gods. It begins at the point of Silver’s spiritual breakthrough where denial was no longer an option, and follows her journey through varying worlds and the lessons they brought with them.


“An absolutely fascinating, terrifying, emotional and honest account of Silver’s
experiences through her spiritual journey. Her vivid descriptions allowed me to picture things I couldn’t have imagined in a million years. Impossible to put down once started. I loved every word.” – Z Taylor


Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.